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ALEIGN Instructions

If you use Trello, Jira, Monday, Slack, Clickup, Teams...
or any of the many other productivity / task / project / work management tools in the
'helping to organise your life and get things done' category of Apps...

you are still looking for an App to
'help organise your life and get things done'

A good


maybe just what you're looking for!

#context #comms #culture #move2done!

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ALEIGN Instructions

ALEiGN overview

Pronounced 'Align', the basis of the design, and the underlying motivation for the naming of the product is the "aligning of people to the strategies of the company, and the strategies of the company to the ambitions and hopes of its people."

Enduring theories from psychology, anthropology, IT service management, organisational change, Agile delivery and production system engineering have all contributed to the ALEiGN framework.

The product requires no coding or configuration, it provides a set of integrated tools to describe and decompose any type of project or strategy down to its executable tasks.

ALEiGN integrates planning, task management, communications, reporting and data visualisation capabilities into one platform.

ALEiGN is a software as a service (SaaS) product that has been assessed to meet the Information Security Manual (ISM) controls for processing classified data up to and including PROTECTED.

ALEiGN is a team of passionate, people loving, misfits who believe work is a part of life… Make it worth it!

Wisdom, gathered through learned experience, a diverse skillset and solid networks is the basis of the ALEiGN team and the product they have created.

ALEIGN Distilled
ALEiGN has distilled countless years
of learned and gathered knowledge into



No channels or siloed information & teams.

ALEiGN has a tiered information structure (domains) to make tasks, chats, & the dashboard contextual with micro and macro views across the domains.


Good communication builds relationships.

Contextual chat throughout the environment puts conversations & important info right where it should be, not lost in 3rd party comms tools or email.


Passionate culture starts with #context & #comms. Conversations with the right people at the right time about the right things.

A #moved2done! survey and 'sentiment' graph contextually gives managers a view of 'how we’re all going’.


Execution is key!

Decompose your strategy based on your chosen framework. Break this plan into executable tasks.

Keep tasks small & #move2done! often.

Replicate, optimize, and continuously improve.

ALEIGN Toolbox

Let's have a peek into the

ALEiGN Toolbox

Remember, no matter how shinny the hammer is, if the swinging process is flawed, thumbs will be bloodied!


Build documents through tasks, create reports through tags and filters.


Bidirectional MS 365 integrations brings in your appointment, export your tasks.


All chat is in the context of the task or the team and centralised in one place. Access tasks and domains from within the Comms Hub.


Tokenised, encrypted and secured based on user and team.

Domain Tree

Build out any methodology, create agile teams, use familiar tools to manage work.


Share the description, objective an goals with your team, in context of the Domain Tree.


A structured Kanban to create, assign, manage and support work.


Managers can better support teams when they know what they are working on.


Each person sees the context and scope of the work they are assigned.


View notes, related tasks, attachments and more in the Kanban view.


Capturing contextual data for every task builds real time view of people, teams, work.


Manage risk, issue, decision etc registers in context.


Realtime data used to manage, report, communicate and test our plans. What is working and what isn’t, who needs help and who doesn’t.

featured image thumbnail for post PWA Being everywhere

PWA Being everywhere

Brewing with a Chemex probably seems like a complicated, time-consuming ordeal, but once you get used to the process, it becomes a soothing ritual that's worth the effort every time.

featured image thumbnail for post Created a place of Mi own.

Created a place of Mi own.

We've simplified the top nav items to be just for you... and all your stuff. 

featured image thumbnail for post Keeping you in the loop

Keeping you in the loop

Keeping your comms in one place is why we moved the notification to sit next to the Chat panel. The notification provided you with a quick visual way to see what has or is happening across your project and company. 

featured image thumbnail for post Re-Thought Marco to Micro

Re-Thought Marco to Micro

One of the foundations of ALEiGN is the different approach we have taken to manage tasks. To provide contextual insights across your corporation, departments and projects we have developed a hierarchical tree structure instead of an indivdual channel approach.

featured image thumbnail for post Rally the Troops

Rally the Troops

Managing your team on a project is simple with email invites and inline management in the 'Participant' screen.

featured image thumbnail for post Had a good talk to Comms

Had a good talk to Comms

We've always been about comms. All great relationships need open, transparent, timely communication.

featured image thumbnail for post Tidy up the Charts

Tidy up the Charts

Giving you a contextual view across your whole organisation or dig into the sub domains to understand how your teams are progressing, where any bottlenecks might be and how the teams 'feel'.

featured image thumbnail for post Adding more Context

Adding more Context

The task details modal has been optimised to provide easy access on mobile and desktop devices. Each task has its own unique chat feed, in its own tab in this modal, to keep your task-specific conversations right where you need them for later consideration and getting back up to speed.

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